How to use Conversation Settings on Twitter

Twitter’s conversation control settings are getting a lot of buzz, and rightfully so; they’re a game changer in that they have the potential to decrease abuse and increase the number of meaningful conversations.


We’ve seen a variety of creative use cases and, as usual, we’re learning about how to get the most out of the feature from people like you. Some of the most effective ways we’ve seen the settings used focus on both repackaging and new forms of content, as well as piquing followers’ interest with simple adjustments to current social strategy.


Keep reading for six ways to help you turn conversation control settings into a content creation and audience engagement tool.


Start a new type of discussion

For the first time ever on Twitter, you can hold a private conversation in public, enabling the high visibility without the constant stream of interruptions. Consider hosting a virtual panel, conducting a Q&A-style interview, or toggling back and forth between both depending on the conversation at hand.

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Plan in advance

To help your conversation run smoothly, plan ahead. When thinking about how to use these new settings, or when pitching the idea to a fellow brand, organization, or individual you want to join you, draft out a rough structure in a spreadsheet or document. This advance planning can help to visualize how you want the conversation to go, and iron out any kinks before both parties jump into the conversation.

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Leverage brand accounts

If you work for a larger organization, you can benefit from the power of the parent handle or whichever account has the most followers in order to help your conversation gain traction. This approach is a great way to mix up the handles of individuals with the handles of publishers, cross promoting to different audiences with shared interests.

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Mix up your media

Speaking of mixing it up, make sure to utilize the full power of the Tweet compose when using conversation control settings. Ask and answer questions with videos, GIFs, text, photos, polls — whatever seems relevant in the moment.

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Capture attention with graphics

Creating a simple graphic to announce a conversation is an easy way to formalize content in a unique way, capture attention fast, and let audiences know what they’re about to see before they start scrolling.

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Make Moments

Moments have long been a great way to recap “best of” or “only on Twitter” content, as well as give content a longer shelf life. Creating a Moment from Tweets that used the new control settings allows for a natural back and forth, and an easy narrative for audiences to follow.

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Finally, don’t be afraid to have a little fun with your fans. After all, a little teasing never hurt anyone, and using the settings in this way demonstrates that you’re not above poking fun at your peers, or your community.


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