How and why to A/B test your Twitter Ads

Best practices

How can you tell if a Tweet is going to be successful? With all the data, strategies, and best practices out there, you often can’t reach a definite answer. But by listening to your audience and A/B testing your content, you can get one step closer.

What is A/B testing?

Also known as split testing, A/B testing serves two different versions of a specific message to an audience — version A and version B.

Ever wonder if there’s really a difference between using “Download now” or “Learn more” as your CTA? Or trying to decide which photo to use for the face of your new campaign? Let your audience be the deciding factor. 

By isolating and testing one specific element at a time (such as the CTA or creative), you can learn their preferences and apply that to create stronger and better campaigns.

Why A/B test?

Without listening to your audience, you’re only creating content based on what you think other people like, instead of actually identifying and leveraging their wants and needs. Your audience’s preferences can often surprise you, and can help guide your future success.

It's also important to determine how well some tried-and-true best practices apply to your specific industry. While we’ve shown time and time again that hashtags and short videos perform well, A/B testing can help verify those findings for your own business. 

How to A/B test?

Create your Twitter Ad, duplicate it, and tweak the one factor you want to test. Publish it, sit back, and wait — it’s that easy. 

Your next questions may be “well, what do I test? What do I change?”. One of the great things about A/B testing is how widely applicable it is. You can practically A/B test anything. 

Specifically on Twitter, you should test your:

  • Brand voice: Twitter is truly the place to be bold and unleash your brand’s witty and snarky side. But just how strong should you play it? Test two (or more) Tweets with varying levels of tone to gauge your audience’s appetite.
  • Creatives: Does your audience respond better to images of people or landscapes? Get a little playful and out-of-the-box during your next photoshoot, and let your customers decide what makes the cut. See our recent A/B creatives test below for inspiration:  

Targeting: Advertisers are often surprised by who their message resonates with. Sometimes it’s not who you think. Send an evergreen Twitter Ad to a few different audiences (including some that seem a bit out of focus) and analyze the engagement.

What’s next?

Once both ads have been up and running for a week, start analyzing the results. Access your Tweet Activity Dashboard and campaign dashboard to compare the engagement rates to see which version outperformed the other. Sometimes it takes a few rounds of testing or more differentiated tests to see statistically-significant results. 

Apply your findings to future campaigns for better ROI and happier customers.

You can also extend A/B testing beyond Twitter to optimize your email campaigns and webpage designs. The opportunities are endless.

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