How to spread your message with the reach objective

By Joe Wadlington
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Many people advertise to make themselves more discoverable, promote their message, and "get themselves out there." For those hoping to increase their influence on Twitter, creating and optimizing several campaigns with these goals in mind might seem overwhelming — you could increase your engagement (by promoting Tweets), gain followers (by promoting your account), or get more people to your website. If you're not sure where to start, the reach objective is the graceful solution.

The awareness objective amplifies your message to a larger audience — perfect for when you want as many people to see your Tweet as possible. That power can have fringe benefits as well: Don't be surprised if people follow, Retweet you, or visit your website after discovering your Tweets through a campaign. 

Since this objective is focused on mass reach, choose Tweets that best showcase your message and resonate with a larger audience. Blog posts, ebooks, and product launches are all types of content that could benefit from the awareness objective. 

Want a bit more detail about how someone could effectively promote themselves with Twitter and the awareness objective? Here are three scenarios when the awareness objective could help you amplify your message.

You're an organizational consultant

You're speaking at a conference coming up, and want to encourage people to attend. You also have an ebook that you want people to download. And, you want to grow your audience of followers to gain more clout on Twitter and find future clients. Clearly you're busy, but you also have a lot of Tweets to promote. You could run a reach campaign using a Tweet about the conference, and add in one about the ebook, one about an article, and a few with your favorite productivity tips. 

You're a CEO

You occasionally write blog posts about your company, and you have a lot of hiring to do. You need as many candidates as possible. A reach campaign is perfect. You would use Tweets about new job openings at the company targeted toward people whose interests align with the job requirements. You could also add Tweets about your company articles into the same campaign to reach an even larger pool of professionals.

You're a freelance illustrator

You make custom GIFS, take photos of works-in-progress, link to your new online store, and love Tweeting pictures of your cat. For now, you just want a huge audience to see your latest work. You could use the photos your proudest of as the images in your campaign's creative. During the campaign, you could Tweet about other projects and favorite techniques organically — anyone who comes to your page will see you're a knowledgeable artist worth following. You might also throw some of your funniest Tweets into your campaign because they make you laugh, and you want to see if they'll go viral. 

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