How to say more with short Tweets

By Ritika Puri
Best practices

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Twitter helps brands build awareness, facilitate connections, and drive conversations forward. Finding creative ways to stand out can be challenging if you're condensing a bunch of information into a sentence rather than creating concise, unique content for your Tweets.

In fact, Tweets below 100 characters are more attention-grabbing and engaging.

Brands that master the art of short copy use a mix of multimedia including GIFs, images, and short videos to tell a story that’s deeper than words. Overcome writer’s block, put more compelling Tweets into the world faster, and take a multimedia-driven approach to composing Tweets that capture attention.

Here’s an analysis of three short, inspiring, attention-grabbing Tweets that drive long-term brand narratives further.

Pair eye-catching, concise keywords with bold, audience-targeted visuals

Inspiration: @rothys

Through a blend of short copy, a standout product visual, and a hashtag, Rothy’s utilizes media assets to build a connection with an audience that cares about stylish products that support the environment.

Use Twitter to be an educator

Inspiration: @hint

Through creative use of multimedia, you can use Twitter to deliver more than just branding or exposure. Stand out by offering a compelling educational message to your target audience, like Hint does.

The story is a powerful one in that it offers valuable information for people to take care of themselves. Using emojis, Hint counterbalances its bold message with a friendly, approachable tone.

Create on-brand visuals that speak to your audiences’ pain points

Inspiration: @asana

People use Asana to solve productivity pain points (the emotional bane of every professional’s existence). The company turns these pain points into clever GIFs. Dynamic visuals make Tweets emotionally engaging and motivating. Subtly and in tandem with short copy, Asana says, “there’s a finish line to your productivity pain points."

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