How to encourage user-generated content for your brand on Twitter

By Lilach Bullock

User-generated content (UGC) is content created and shared by unpaid contributors for your brand. Having your customers create and share content on your behalf speaks volumes about your marketing and brand perception.

For one, your brand is clearly trusted and perceived as genuine. And two, your products or services are so admired by your followers that they want to promote them.

So, how can you encourage your followers to Tweet user-generated content for your brand? Here are a few ideas:

Involve your followers in brand decisions

Customers love feeling involved with the brands they use. Ask your followers to Tweet ideas for:

  • Naming a new product

  • Designing a new product

  • Coming up with your next campaign slogan

Asking for their opinion on important brand decisions like the ones above, builds trust and creates a sense of community. Your marketing will feel more like “us” instead of “you” (the marketer) and “them” (the customer).

@Airbnb CEO, @bchesky asked his followers:

The volume of Retweets and replies proves how effective this strategy is in making your followers feel included and generating UGC.

The feedback and idea from Airbnb's customers highlighted the need for a new product.

Create a targeted giveaway

Create a giveaway and include uploading content using your brand specified hashtag in the participation rules.

The key to a successful UGC giveaway is:

  • A worthwhile prize

  • A prize that attracts your target audience

@Teleflora, an online florist network, conducted a giveaway asking their followers to share a picture of floral bouquets with the hashtag #teleflora for a chance to win $50 towards flowers on their website.

Their campaign was successful because the prize was both enticing and relevant for their target audience.

Create a designated hashtag for user-generated content

Pack a punch in your omni-channel marketing campaigns by creating a designated hashtag for user-generated content. Encourage people to share images, experiences, or a sentiment that is related to your brand’s marketing campaign.

For example, the clothing brand @Aerie created #AerieREAL to encourage people to share images of themselves that have not been retouched.

Customers Tweeted un-retouched photos of themselves in Aerie clothes, challenging supermodel body standards and empowering real women everywhere.

Don’t let your brand miss out on opportunities to encourage ideas, images, and feedback from your customers. Create a Twitter Ad campaign and amplify your efforts.

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