Creative roundup: How agencies can get in the holiday spirit

By Liz Alton

Agencies are often at their most creative during the holidays, producing splashy campaigns for clients and helping the companies they support end the year on a high note. With traditions and celebratory opportunities at every turn, agencies can use the winter holiday season to showcase their stuff.

Here’s a closer look at how agencies are getting into the holiday spirit — and some inspiration on how to add a little spice to your own Twitter strategies.

Highlight your favorite seasonal client projects

The holiday season often involves pulling out the big stops for clients. From major campaigns to portfolio projects, the work you create for clients can range from showstoppers to elegant expressions of holiday sentiments. @RGA showcases a dazzling project out of their Tokyo office, using over 37,000 pens to create a holiday mural. What work have you done this season that can spread a little cheer and show prospective clients your creative prowess?

Holiday creative with a diabolical twist

Just one typo can change the fate of a business — or a letter to Santa. @Anomaly gets into the holiday spirit and shows off their creative chops with “Dear Satan” — a video narrated by beloved actor Patrick Stewart. With a dash of creative genius and irreverent humor, the team shows clients what’s possible and brings a smile to their target audience. What quirky idea or holiday creative concept have you been dying to explore?

Get your team to say “Happy Holidays”

Give followers an inside look at your culture. Consider creating a custom happy holidays message, or just show how your team comes together to unwind and celebrate the year’s successes. @D1A shows how a simple, sincere message can connect with audiences while helping showcase the culture and sensibilities that drive their creative agency.

Pay homage to the “Heroes of the Holidays”

Agencies are known for their unique perspectives and ability to look at ongoing challenges through a new lens. What do you have to say that’s surprising, funny, or a different take than all the messaging out there? @DoeAnderson offers a fun look at the unsung “Heroes of the Holidays” with their “Ode to an Inflatable Santa”. Have fun while showing the world how you come up with inventive new ideas.

Create a gift for your followers

It’s the season of giving, after all, and @bigspaceship takes a winning approach with an adorable calendar featuring the agency members’ dogs. Whether it’s developing a fun little seasonal app, a downloadable calendar, or a video greeting people can send to their friends, find a way to use your unique skill set to create a small gift for loyal followers. Not only will they love it, but it will keep your name on their radar and may even lead to inquiries for future projects.

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