Top hashtags and keywords to use this spring

By Marissa Window
Trends and insights

Using seasonal hashtags and keywords is a simple way to expand your reach and tap into relevant conversations as they happen on Twitter. To help you create impactful Tweets, we’ve collected the top keywords and hashtags to help your business have a #happyspring.


While hashtags like #spring will be predictable, others may start trending in the moment. Use these hashtags for Tweet inspiration, and keep an eye on the trends section of Twitter to identify new, emerging topics. 

Here are a few hashtags for you to consider: #aprilshowers, #blooms#SpringBreak, #SpringCleaning#SpringTime#SpringTraining#SpringTrends#TaxReturns

Pro tip: Although it may be tempting to add a lot of hashtags to your Tweets, we recommend using no more than 2 per Tweet.


Understanding what keywords people are using this season will help you think of Tweet topics and craft relevant content. 

People are Tweeting about: organization, spring break, exercising, sunshine, flowers, pastel colors, festivals, taxes, baseball, and outdoor activities.

If you're looking to increase your reach even further, try featuring your top-performing Tweets in a Twitter Ads campaign with keyword targeting. Targeting words and phrases people recently Tweeted or searched for on Twitter allows you to reach them when your business is most relevant.

For example, a fashion brand could reach people looking for new clothes by targeting keywords and phrases such as "spring fashion trends", "spring dresses", or "need spring outfits."

Pro tip: While it's important to incorporate popular topics into your content strategy, focus on creating content that’s relevant to your audience and authentic to your business.

Now you're ready to connect to the moment and reach new audiences. Try out these tips by creating Twitter Ads of your own. Create a campaign today.

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