Getting started with Twitter Ads: 3 questions to consider

By Chloe Mier
Best practices

Looking to get started with Twitter Ads? Our Customer Success Specialist, @ChloeMier, shares her tips.

There are many factors to consider when planning an advertising campaign on Twitter. As a Customer Success Specialist, it is my job to make sure you are set up for success and are getting the most out of Twitter Ads.

Below are some of the first questions we ask our clients when getting ready to set up Twitter Ads. Making sure to have these figured out before jumping into your campaigns will ensure your advertising experience goes smoothly, and that you will be ready to go come launch time.

Is your ads account ready to use?

First thing’s first. To be able to set up Twitter Ads campaigns, you need to have access to an ads account, also known as the Twitter Ads Manager. If you don’t have one already or aren’t sure where to go, you can enable this by visiting while logged into the Twitter account you want to advertise from.

From here, you will be able to access Twitter Ads features such as the campaign creator. If this is the first time your ads account has been logged into, the system will ask you to enter in some basic account information, such as your time zone. If you've previously run campaigns, you will see them here. 

Pro tip: There is a short waiting period before being eligible for an ads account if the Twitter account was recently created.

If there are multiple ads accounts for an advertiser’s handle, which one will you be promoting from?

Sometimes, an advertiser may have multiple ads accounts from which they are promoting. Particularly if you are an agency running Twitter ads on behalf of a client, you will need to make sure you have clarified this ahead of time.

Often in this scenario, it is recommended to enable multi-user login, and create a separate, agency-specific ads account from where you can promote from the advertiser’s handle. We essentially create a "duplicate" of your advertiser's ads account, designated specifically for your agency. This helps eliminate any issues or confusion with billing, keeps sensitive billing details private, and is easier to manage campaign-wise especially if both parties are running campaigns. A Twitter Rep will need to do this for you, so reach out to Twitter Ads Support or your AM for assistance.

Which payment method you will be using?

With Twitter Ads, there are two common payment options.

  • Credit card: Enter in the desired credit card details as a new funding source within the payment methods section of your ads account, and then it will be available to select as your funding source when creating a campaign. You are able to enter in multiple credit cards, but note that one will be designated as the default funding source.

  • Insertion order: The most common payment option used by many agencies and larger advertisers is to be set up with an IO, or insertion order. An IO allows for campaigns to be billed on an invoice, and while it secures an estimated budget for a given time period, you are invoiced based on what the campaign(s) delivered.

Once you have these questions figured out already you’re ready to start creating your campaigns! 

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