Five reasons to get in the game with the #Sports community

By Bruna Piovesan, Senior Manager, Global Marketing Programs
Trends and insights
Five advantages #SportsTwitter offers brands who are looking to connect with their audiences and build cultural relevance.

When a live sports event is happening, there’s only one place that can keep up: X. 

X is home to a passionate community of fans that come together to share their love of sports during the big plays, hot takes, and viral videos. With so many epic sporting moments to come in the months ahead, here’s five big advantages #Sports on X offers brands who are looking to connect with their audiences and build cultural relevance.

1. #Sports on X: a growing audience that can't get enough

The community of #Sports on X is alive and thriving. With 129 million unique authors and whopping 4.2 billion Posts globally, the sports conversation growth has been steady with no signs of slowing down.1 Across more than 70 sporting events and leagues, we saw platform and user growth on X including a 28% increase of Posts and 29% increase of impressions in the past two years.2

Not only is the conversation booming, sports is endemic to X. In fact, sports fans represent 42% of X's audience, which is more than any other social platform.3

2. Real-time conversation at scale

#Sports on X is real-time conversation at scale, with breaking news that breaks the internet. When the #ScoringKing LeBron James broke the NBA scoring record, X went into a frenzy - making that the #1 day of the NBA Season in terms of Total Post Volume.4 For brands, these moments represent a great opportunity to be at the center of the conversation when the world is watching.

3. X augments the fan (and brand) experience

No matter the sport, we regularly partner with leagues and teams to enhance the fan experience on X. During the 2022 Women’s Euro, we teamed up with @FreeLionesses – who are dedicated to supporting fans of the women’s game – to turn inspiring and positive Posts by fans into #ShareYourRoar scarves! Fans and England players proudly raised their scarves, creating some truly memorable moments – on and off X.

The loud (and proud) support for women in sports isn’t new to X. The women’s football conversation grew 52% over the past 12 months, paving the way for the FIFA 2023 Women’s World Cup which is set to take place on July 20-Aug 20th, in Australia and New Zealand.5

4. Join conversations that drive outcomes

Brands on X make the sports conversation richer. Relevance and creativity can really get people talking. In a recent X survey into shopper behavior, three in four people said that conversations about products on X resulted in them making a purchase.

Talk on X drives sales, and the brands Posting alongside fans during major sports moments are the ones winning the game.

5. Five tactics to win sports fans over

No matter your objective, we have new and enhanced solutions to help brands get in the game and drive results. 

  • Own the conversation by tapping into the power of X Takeover suite. These products give you exclusive ownership of X’s premium real estate across desktop and mobile, allowing you to maximize your reach and be front and center.
  • X Amplify is a powerful way for brands to align with the big sports moments and tap into #Sports on X’s passion for video. X Amplify enables brands to run pre-roll video against official, brand safe content from the world’s leading publishers.
  • Express your brand’s personality and make it a part of the conversation by adding fun, visually appealing features such as Custom Likes, Branded Hashtags and Branded Hashfetti.
  • Drive fired-up fans through the funnel with live shopping
  • Meet fans in their home turf by using X’s targeting capabilities like follower look-alikes targeting and event targeting. Find out more about X Ads targeting tools here

With so many epic sporting events to come, don’t leave your brand on the sidelines! Build a strategy with one of our Sales team members, and check out our 2023 X marketing calendar for a deeper look at the upcoming events you can connect to. 

The ball is on your court. Game on!

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