Our favorite articles of 2016

By Joe Wadlington
Trends and insights

We're proud of all the articles we published this year, but there were a few that got more Tweets, re-reads, and "This is helpful!" comments than the rest. Check out the list of our favorite articles from 2016, and the 2016 Twitter Business Moment with our best Tweets. 

3 ways to tap into trending topics on Twitter

Because the conversation on Twitter moves quickly, it can be confusing or intimidating to join in. But the conversational nature of Twitter is what makes it so great — and we don't want you to miss out. So we compiled three techniques you can use to expertly join the dialogue on your timeline.

See how to reply to customers on Twitter

We've increased our focus on customer service a lot this year, and it's never been easier to offer people real-time support using Twitter. This article explains how to handle the things customers Tweet about your business — whether it's a nuanced conversation that you want to move to a private exchange or just another great review that you want more people to see.

How to create and use hashtags

"Ok, but what is a hashtag." is one of the most frequent questions we get. You don't have to master hashtags to love Twitter, but there is so much excitement to be found when you understand how to use them. In this article we explain how to get real business benefits out of hashtags.

How to tap into mobile trends and increase in-store holiday purchases

Mobile. Mobile. Mobile. Twitter was born on mobile, (Fun fact: a Tweet is 140 characters because that's how many characters SMS texts had) more people use Twitter on mobile than ever before, and, frankly, we'll probably never talk about mobile enough. Read this post for stats and suggestions regarding how to entice people on their phones to purchase, even if they're already in your store.

How to: Advanced search on Twitter

The Twitter Business team loves advanced search. It's how we find all of the examples we use in articles (and how we look up our old Tweets when we don't feel like scrolling). But a lot of people aren't aware just how easy and powerful advanced search on Twitter is. Read on to learn how to use advanced search and truly become an expert Twitter sleuth

Thank you for working with us this year! We leave you with our 2016 Twitter Business Moment, and hope you make your own 2016 Moment for your business.

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