Everything you need to know about Twitter Moments

By Liz Alton

It can be hard to stand out from the noise and tell a full story in a single Tweet. With Twitter Moments you create and curate longer-form content to tell interesting stories.

Moments let you tell a story that goes beyond one Tweet and highlights different perspectives. Create a Moment by developing collections of notable Tweet conversations and live commentary, or weaving together Tweets that tell a powerful or interesting message. It’s easy to curate content and create Moments around any topic, conversation, or event that’s relevant to your brand. 

Follow these best practices to start leveraging Moments for your brand.

How to choose the right content to feature

The secret to creating a compelling Moment is choosing a great topic, and then bringing it to life with thoughtful comments, dynamic videos, and beautiful images. How do you know what to include? 

Here are some questions to ask when you’re looking at content:

  • Will this story appeal to my audience?
  • Is it either timely or timeless in a way that increases interest?
  • What keywords or hashtags can I use in the title or description to improve discoverability?
  • Am I selecting content from a wide range of different accounts, perspectives, and voices?
  • Do the Tweets I'm curating include images or videos that will interest my followers?
  • Does each of the parts that I’ve selected add up to a comprehensive experience?

Quality control is important. A Moment that has a clear focus, includes interesting stats, thoughtful comments, funny quips if appropriate, and great imagery will be followed, shared, and discovered. For additional insight check out our Twitter Moments guidelines and principles.

Different types of Moments

When should your brand make a Moment? Here are a few ideas to help you get started. 

Comment on a current story
Industry happenings, emerging trends, and global events provide the perfect springboard to tell a bigger story.

Promote messaging or an inspirational storyline
Has a recent event inspired you? For example, stories of people adopting pets from shelters could be woven into inspiring storylines as part of a Moment for a pet brand. What causes is your brand involved with?

Create fun round-ups
Entertain your audience with a round-up of fun memes or media stories. For example, a tech company might put together the best “IT guy” memes and Tweets for a Moment geared at technology managers.

Promote company news
Big company news — especially news that’s generated a bit of buzz on Twitter — is the perfect content for a Moment. 

When @asana launched their publication “Wavelength,” the company created a Moment to mark the occasion and raise awareness.

Tap into conversations happening on Twitter

Another way to create memorable Moments is to use conversations that are happening organically on Twitter. Use trending topics or a keyword search, or follow a hashtag to surface content to include and pinpoint areas of focus.

Recap an event
Events can provide a concentration of commentary, images, and engagement you can amplify with Moments.

When @GustoHQ’s CEO took to the road to celebrate small businesses, the company recapped the festivities with a Moment.

Internal feedback
Are your employees your biggest fans? Feature Tweets from your team, partners, and vendors about what it’s like to work at your company or why they’re excited to be part of your brand.

Showcase positive customer stories and feedback
Did you recently launch a product that’s generating excitement? Is your brand getting a lot of love? A Moment can be a great way to round up your biggest fans and shine a spotlight on them.

@classpass used a Moment to highlight their customers' feedback and fitness stories.

Resurface your own Tweets
Moments can let you resurface content that you created in the past. For example, if you published research a few months ago that’s central to a conversation happening today, including it in a Moment can help put it back at center stage.

Twitter is built for discovery, and Moments are a natural way to help brands increase visibility and join the wider conversation. Are you ready to get started? Create a Twitter Moment for your brand today.

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