Avid readers come to Twitter to hear directly from their favorite authors.

The author-reader relationship on Twitter is like no other. Some of #BookTwitter’s favorite authors host conversations around release dates, book tours, and news about potential film or television adaptations. On a deeper level they are answering questions about character development and plot lines. 

Best-in-class writers are Tweeting their experiences and using Twitter as a tool to share updates with their followers on a regular basis. Check out these tips and tricks to help you get started.

Use threads to tell a longer story.

Do you have a statement, opinion, or anecdote that is longer than 280 characters? With threads you can connect all of the Tweets in one cohesive stream.

You can either Tweet the full thread immediately or Tweet by Tweet over time. The benefit of Tweeting over time is that the thread will reappear in your follower’s timelines.

Creative idea: Tweet from each location of your book tour within a single thread.

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Retweet with a comment to provide additional context.

This method allows you to add additional text, images, GIFs, or videos to a Retweet. It’s a great way for your fans to see a broader picture or dig deeper into someone else’s Tweet.

Creative idea: Invite followers to Tweet about their favorite chapter, then Retweet some of your favorite responses with a GIF that sums up your reaction.

Make an announcement.

From book tours to cover reveals, share updates with fans to stoke excitement and help them stay informed about your latest projects.

Creative idea: Prompt followers to reply to your Tweet for a chance to attend your book tour at no cost, or to win a signed copy before it hits stores.

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Share your interviews.

When you release a new book, your fans want to know everything about it and your writing process. Tweet links to articles, videos, or podcasts that you’ve spoken on so fans can follow along and learn more about your work.

Creative idea: Include a snippet of the interview in a Tweet and add additional context — don’t forget to mention the interviewer, show, or publication’s handle!

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Share what you're reading.

Everyone loves to see a TBR pile, so support the author community by sharing what you’re currently reading. Mention other authors or publishing houses by including their Twitter handle or tagging them in a photo.

Creative idea: Use a poll to invite readers to vote for what your next read should be, or ask them to reply and share what titles are on their own TBR list.

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Include more than one image within a single Tweet.

You can Tweet one to four images at a time, so make the most of this feature and share the moments that are most important to you.

Creative idea: Recap some favorite moments from your book tour or speaking engagement with a series of photos.

Thank your readers for helping you reach the top.

Your fans and followers love to share in your success with you. Include images or videos so followers can take part in your joy. This is a great way to publicize and drive awareness of your accomplishments.

Creative idea: Share a screenshot of the listing you are a part of so fans can see you amongst your peers.

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Create and follow lists on Twitter.

Help organize your favorite follows by creating a list. You can create a list for your favorite publishers, fellow authors, or local bookstores.

Creative idea: Ask followers to share and mention their favorite independent bookstores on Twitter. Create a list as a future reference for a book tour.

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Create a Moment.

Moments are a storytelling format that allow you to collect and arrange Tweets within a single story. You can include Tweets from yourself and other users.

If you’re Tweeting continuously around the same subject, Moments are a great way to capture the full narrative.

Creative idea: Build a Moment pulling Tweets throughout the formation of a new book. Include Tweets discussing early ideation, announcing the title, sharing the release date, and fan reactions.

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Have fun.

Twitter can be wacky, weird, and off-the-wall. While you’re on the platform, remember it’s not all business and have some fun! Don’t be afraid to share insights, join in conversations, or hit Retweet on your favorite meme.

Creative idea: Share how you got started as a writer. Fans love to hear about your humble beginnings and find it inspiring.

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