Creative roundup: Examples of impactful video campaigns on Twitter

By Nick Reese
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More and more, brands are using video to communicate on Twitter. In fact, according to Twitter internal data Tweets with videos are the best way to generate interest and impact:

  • Tweets with video attracted 10x more engagements that Tweets without video
  • Video Ads save more than 50% on cost-per-engagement
  • Video Ads with Website Buttons and App Buttons total ad engagements increased 69% year-over-year

Get inspired to add video to your Twitter strategy by checking out how these brands make the most out of the medium.

Skillshare shares with its followers

@skillshare is an online platform that lets people learn new things from world-class practitioners. To promote their platform, Skillshare regularly Tweets out video trailers of free classes taught by industry experts. These 1-2 minute trailers give people a chance to engage with the teacher’s personality and learn about the content that will be covered in the course. A link in the Tweet sends the reader to a class landing page, where they can then sign up to instantly take the free course.

RXBAR keeps it simple

If you’re not familiar with @RXBAR, their Twitter bio says it all: “Real foods with simple ingredients and no B.S.” To promote their line of protein bars and other products, they regularly post short, simple, and colorful videos highlighting the simplicity of their packaging and products. By using simple techniques like stop motion, this campaign shows you don’t need a big budget or long running time to communicate a big idea.

ThisIsEng reshapes the view of engineering

The perception of engineering as a stodgy career has left a critical shortfall in students studying engineering in the UK. To reshape the view of engineering among students, the UK nonprofit @ThisIsEng created the #ThisIsEngineering campaign. The campaign features videos showcasing engineering as a way to pursue a passion in areas like sport, technology, and design. In addition, videos featuring celebrity influencers like @GadgetsBoy and @AJOdudu to promote engineering as a creative field.

Want to make your brand's message memorable, shareable, and replay-worthy by adding video to your Twitter advertising strategy? Check out our Twitter video resources. 

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