Creative roundup: 5 examples of brands Tweeting during events

By Liz Alton

From conferences to sporting events, people love to follow along in real time with events, revisit the best moments, and participate in the larger conversation on Twitter. Sharing featured content, upping your hashtag game, and incorporating video are all creative ways to reach audiences during events.   

How can your brand take its event coverage to the next level? To spark some ideas, we’ve rounded up standout examples of effective event Twitter coverage.

Start strategic promotion early

Event coverage and conversations should begin before your first panel is underway. Dive into your speaker lineup, big announcements, panel topics, and special events for early promotional content.

@BlogHer announces the speaker lineup for their next event with a splashy graphic and tags speakers in the post to help draw in a larger audience.

Use hashtags to cover different events

Many organizations host multiple events throughout the year. Finding an easy way to engage around each of them can be tough — while also helping different audiences find what they need. 

@SustainBrands hosts events in cities around the globe. People interested in sustainable business can follow along, by city, thanks to a smart hashtag strategy, such as through the recent coverage of its Vancouver event #SB18Vancouver.

Revisit the most inspiring moments from the event

At every event, there’s an amazing moment — a goal scored that no one thought would happen, or a great quote that changes the way you understand a topic.

@adidasfootball engages with their fans by capturing inspiring moments and pairing powerful images from the recent World Cup with inspirational copy.

Share video of your best event content

An unforgettable keynote, a passionate panel, or an exciting afterparty are full of moments that event attendees don’t want to miss, and those people who couldn't attend are excited to get a peek inside.

@TEDTalks helps followers revisit an unforgettable presentation by Susan Cain on the power of introverts by sharing a 2-minute video that can be watched in-stream.

Highlight your attendees

From the big names who speak at events to the movers and shakers attendees can network with, the people behind events are one of the biggest draws. Shine a spotlight on the people connected with your event by showcasing a “day in the life” of speakers, interviews with attendees, and snippets of keynotes.

Apple’s @tim_cook shares a reel of interviews with Apple scholarship winners in connection with the WWDC 2018 event.

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