Crafting your video strategy on Twitter

As a creator, you’re probably in the process of producing new video content while reading this. Let’s take a look at some strategic ways to publish videos on Twitter. We’ll leave the creative to you.

Video is booming on Twitter. We’ve seen a 95% increase* in daily video views over 18 months. We also know that video consumption and audience behavior are inherently different on Twitter versus other platforms, and your strategy should reflect that. Here are some tips to help you optimize your video content for the Twitter timeline.

Upload natively

Upload your videos directly to Twitter to ensure they autoplay in the timeline. On average, Tweets with native video drive 10X more engagement** than Tweets without video.

Optimize aspect ratios

Videos in 16:9 and 1:1 aspect ratios will display their entire frames in the timeline with Twitter’s default media cropping. Vertical videos will only display in full when expanded by the viewer.

Keep it short

Aim for :15 - 1:30 video length. Anything under 60 seconds will loop automatically in the timeline. If long-form video is your primary creative output, try teasing that content with cutdown clips on Twitter. Tweets with video previews are 6x more likely*** to be Retweeted than Tweets with photo previews.

Publish often

The Twitter timeline is fast-paced. Feel free to Tweet videos daily without worrying about follower fatigue. Plus, your content doesn’t always need to be super polished to perform well on Twitter. Front-facing video is having a moment, and all you need is your mobile phone!

Make it accessible

Most videos on Twitter are watched without sound. Consider including subtitles so your content remains accessible and offers a sound-optional viewing experience via .SRT files or overlaid captions.

Use Twitter Media Studio

Media Studio allows you to add titles, descriptions, and clickable links to your Twitter videos. From here you can also access your Twitter video library, live video production tools, video analytics, and more.

Video strategy examples

Once you have the technical basics of Twitter video down, you can start experimenting with different posting strategies. Check out these creator Tweets to see some examples.

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Successful creators on Twitter are putting all of these tips together and monetizing their premium video content through our Twitter Amplify program and ArtHouse campaigns. Interested? Contact your Twitter partner manager or for more information.


Twitter Marketing blog post Q2 2020
** Twitter Internal Data Q2 2019
*** Twitter Internal Data Q2 2019

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