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By Kiyla Armstead, Marketing Lead for the Twitter Official Partner Program
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Surfacing growing communities on Twitter and actionable 2023 insights for brands, backed by Twitter data and powered by Official Partners.

The desire for human connection has remained despite digital shifts. After the past two years, individuals have leaned into Twitter to connect with those who have similar interests to them and find an online community. Twitter is the new coffee shop where individuals come to share their experiences, thoughts, and interests with the world. 

In our second edition of the Birdseye Report, seven Twitter Official Partners utilized their top-of-class solutions to analyze the budding conversation on Twitter within specific communities. With this analysis, each partner identified key trends and insights for businesses to connect authentically with these communities and build impactful social strategies. 

Wondering how to reach a new audience? Incorporate insights from the recent Birdseye Communities Report into your 2023 strategy to ensure that your brand is an integral part of the public conversation happening on Twitter. 

Delve into the emerging trends amongst growing communities on Twitter

The Birdseye Communities Report offers actionable insights centered around seven key communities on Twitter that are continuing to grow and evolve:

  • #CreatorTwitter by Sprout: Creators are a swiftly growing community that now represent a large chunk of many organizations’ marketing budgets. Learn how Twitter acts as an engagement layer for content creators and compatible communities. 

  • #GamerTwitter by Brandwatch: The gaming community is one of immense influence and diversity, representing subgroups from eSports to streamers. Learn more about how the community is taking their passion mainstream on Twitter. 

  • #FinTwitter by Talkwalker : From conversations about crypto to traditional trading, the financial conversations on Twitter can offer a microcosmic view of society. Learn more about how to engage and listen into these financial conversations.

  • #FoodieTwitter by Meltwater: From new recipes to food diaries to professional lovers of food, this community is wide and hyper-engaged. Learn more about how to connect with this audience to heat up your marketing. 

  • #FutbolTwitter by Netbase Quid : Real-time highs and lows are shared on Twitter from some of the most engaged and loyal fútbol fans. Learn more about how to participate in the global conversation around the beloved sport. 

  • #TVTwitter by ListenFirst: Tuned in audiences share conversations about characters, plotlines, and their own personal experiences as they stream their beloved shows. Learn more about connecting with the TV streaming audience as they share their favorite moments on Twitter. 

  • #WellnessTwitter by Synthesio : With the wellness community focusing on holistic approaches to engaging their mind and body connection, interactions on Twitter are beginning to shift. Learn more about how you can tailor your conversation on Twitter around health to connect with this audience from a holistic perspective. 

With communities continuing to grow and evolve, utilizing in-depth insights and trends to anticipate the needs of your audience allows you to set your business up for success in the future. 

Access the Birdseye Communities Report and delve into the community deep dives from our Official Partners today. 

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