Discovering the Art of Twitter

Artists come to Twitter for more than connections. Here’s how brands can play an important role in supporting these Creators.

Twitter has a spectrum of topics that people come to connect with each other on. And one of the communities that’s continuing to build momentum is one that may surprise you: art. 

We’re thrilled to see the art community thriving on Twitter. Whether artists are showcasing their portfolio four times a year with #PortfolioDay, jumping on memes like #ArtVsArtists or celebrating culture and identities with hashtags like #DrawingWhileBlack — artists are coming to Twitter to connect. And here’s the best part: while Artists share their craft and create community, we get the benefit from our timelines being beautified.

Artists are coming to Twitter for more than connections — they want to create a livelihood and get compensated and recognized. Brands can play an important role in supporting these Creators. Let’s uncover the ways you can incorporate artistic Creators in your content and campaigns.

Start with your own timeline

The beauty of Twitter is the ability to discover and easily support artists. With hashtags like #PortfolioDay, #VisibleWomen, and ongoing #ArtShares, you can quickly connect with thousands of artists who are looking for work. Following and sharing their work can be a powerful way to keep these artists top of mind.

#PortfolioDay happens four times a year, and receives a flood of artists sharing their latest work. Consider it a real-time digital hiring board where you can connect with incredible talent, sometimes even with built-in audiences.

We recently joined forces with Portfolio Day to discuss the event live, and how Twitter is a powerful vehicle for the art community.

Hire artists for campaigns

With only a short window of time to ensure that your message gets across on a busy Timeline, every frame matters when it comes to your brand’s creative. At Arthouse, Twitter’s in-house content creation team, we focus on connecting brands with talented artists to create Twitter-friendly content. Why partner with an artist? Brands may want to work with artistic Creators to bring a new visual lens to their creative, or create content that feels like an extension of their campaign. Take a look at some of the work we’ve been part of with incredibly talented artists at the helm.

Partnering with Artists can create an emotional connection that goes far beyond a traditional ad. Brands that support underrepresented artists can help support the Creator economy and can create a whole other story for your brand to tell. Cocreate content with underrepresented artists and their communities.  

We loved this campaign from HP #WindowsOfHope, uniting 35 artists to create downloadable posters for people to print in their front windows.

Celebrate art & culture

Artists are flocking to Twitter because they can be their authentic selves, unfiltered and raw. Many artists go beyond sharing their work — they talk about the issues that matter to them and celebrate their culture and intersections. 

We’re proud of this campaign with Focus Features featuring an AAPI Creator @Rich_Tu. His custom artwork tapped into the personality of the film and was a unique way to create a poster.

#Trending: the future of art is digital

You can’t look anywhere without hearing about a new wave of art sweeping Timelines and headlines. NFTs have been a buzzy term in the art world and we’ve seen a massive increase in conversation related to #NFTart, #NFTartists, #NFTcollectors and other hashtags.

Whether it’s hype or a revolution, we’re happy to see art making its way to the forefront of our culture at a time where we desperately need it, and in many cases, being used for good.  We’ve even seen brands like Taco Bell and Denny’s selling their Tweets and digital graphics for charitable causes.

However you craft your next project, be sure to consider Artists and how they can contribute to your brand’s marketing goals. There are a myriad of ways to support artists indirectly and directly on Twitter, and we love to see more brands uplifting artists in their campaigns. 

Be sure to follow @ArtHouse to see more beautiful art-filled work.

Teresa Simpson (@TDotSimpson)  is a Creator Content Strategist on the US ArtHouse team. She works with brands on Twitter to translate marketing objectives into innovative content activations that center Creators and reflect the diversity of audiences on Twitter.

Kerrie Smith (@kerriebrynn) leads content strategy for Twitter ArtHouse (@ArtHouse), a global team dedicated to helping brands design content for communities, culture and conversation on Twitter. ArtHouse helps brands develop campaigns with social influencers and artists and optimize video in post-production.

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