8 Thanksgiving hashtags and when to use them

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‘Tis the season for holiday marketing campaigns! For many businesses, this is a crucial time of year for driving sales. In order for your content to stand out among the noise, it’s important to connect to your audience using appropriate and seasonally-relevant language. And that includes hashtags.  

With that in mind, your Thanksgiving Twitter marketing strategy should include seasonally-appropriate hashtags to increase engagement and awareness. Internal research shows that Tweets with hashtags gain 100% more engagement than those without — but caps at one to two hashtags per Tweet. Include some of these popular Thanksgiving hashtags in your holiday campaign:


Using the hashtag #Thanksgiving lets your customers know you’re enjoying the holiday along with them. You can pair this hashtag with anything that’s seasonally appropriate, from announcing Thanksgiving discounts to giving thanks for their loyalty throughout the year.


Another obvious hashtag to use around the Thanksgiving holiday, #HappyThanksgiving is a nice way of wishing your followers well. Inclusive messages like these give your followers the warm and fuzzies — feelings they’ll connect with your brand all year round.


Hashtags like #TravelTip — or any type of holiday-related advice — give you a great way to provide your followers with pertinent and useful in-the-moment information. Thanksgiving is one of the biggest travel days of the year, so travel-related tips become particularly relevant around then.

According to Google Trends, searches for "travel tips" peak around the first week of November, then level off just before Christmas. Line up and post your content accordingly!


Timely holiday hashtags like #ThanksgivingEve keep the conversation with your customers in real-time, and can be particularly useful if you’re promoting time-sensitive promotions or services. They also allow you to invite followers to share their Thanksgiving preparations, which helps increase customer engagement.


This is another Thanksgiving hashtag that can be used to both thank your customers for their business throughout the year, and also encourage interaction with your account. Asking your followers what they’re most thankful for is a great way to generate replies and Retweets.


Humorous takes on the Thanksgiving holiday give your brand a lighthearted appeal, and encourage humorous responses from your followers. Sharing lighthearted and fun content along with hashtags like #TurkeyDay can help you reach customers looking for a holiday laugh.


Like #TurkeyDay, the classic hashtag #FoodComa is a great one for encouraging engagement with your account. Inviting followers to share post-Thanksgiving-dinner photos related to #FoodComa is another great way to share holiday cheer.


Celebrating the important things during the holidays can help you foster an emotional connection with your followers. Hashtags like #Family let your customers know you share their reasons for celebration at Thanksgiving, which humanizes your brand and deepens an emotional connection.

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