7 research-backed ways to connect with Gen Z on Twitter

By Liz Alton
Trends and insights

Generation Z — they're the next hot target demographic for consumer brands. Born in 1995 and after, they have an estimated $44 billion in purchasing power — a figure that will continue to rise as they join the workforce and head to college in larger numbers. 

Here’s the latest research on what they’re looking for and how to incorporate these insights into your Twitter strategy.

Create opportunities for co-creation and interaction

An AdReaction study found that Gen Z consumers are more positive toward brands that let them take an action, vote, or make a decision. Find ways to develop content and ads that promote interaction. Twitter Polls, asking questions, running contests, and encouraging user feedback all start engagement flowing.

Explore collaborative product creation

In a National Retail Federation study that surveyed 15,600 Gen Z consumers across the globe, 44% said they were eager to submit product ideas. Ask for new product suggestions, desired customization paths, or creative spins on existing offerings.

Pay attention to frequency

The AdReaction study noted that members of Gen Z tend to be heavy social media users and visit platforms multiple times each day. Take note of the opportunity to capture their attention throughout the day. Use Twitter analytics to find prime times to post.

Keep conversations going 

A study from the National Retail Federation found that 47% of Gen Z said that when they engaged with brands on social, they either didn’t get a response or were not satisfied or neutral about brands’ responses. Timeliness is critical. Develop a customer service strategy for Twitter. Thank followers when they share your content. Retweet or respond to brand mentions, relevant hashtags, or product photos. Be the brand that responds — and that Gen Z consumers remember for great customer service.

Share product information and photos

Social media influences 80% of Gen Z purchases. Share product videos and photos. Cross promote new product launches on Twitter. Highlight positive reviews and customer feedback. Share discounts and sales. Make it easy for customers to find you and get excited about your brand.

Get visual

AdWeek reports that 44% of Gen Z consumers look at product photos. This is a highly visual generation. Incorporate beautiful images, videos, memes, and infographics to give your Twitter presence a visual edge. Video is especially powerful; Forbes reports that Gen Z watches more than two hours of online video per day.

Real people wield influence 

Deep Focus found that 63% of Gen Z customers want to see real people in advertising. Influencersconnect with this audience. Find ways to feature people in your content. Retweet influencer marketing content, highlight short videos from customers, and provide an inside look at the people behind your brand.

Are you looking for more ways to reach Gen Z with your Twitter strategy? Launch your next ad campaign today.

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