7 articles to help you craft the perfect Twitter Video strategy

By Joe Wadlington
Best practices

Video is growing! On Twitter, there's been a 95% increase in daily video views over 18 months*. The possibilities for our favorite moving medium are almost endless, but this list of articles can help you craft an effective Twitter video strategy for your brand.

12 video Tweet ideas for your business

From stop-motion to slideshows, there are many approaches to video. This article spotlights different video types that might be perfect for your campaign.

Do more with less — maximize any video budget

"But video isn't expensive!?" We hear that all the time. But creating interesting, impactful video does have to cost much at all. Read this article to learn where and how to cut corners.

Data-driven best practices for Twitter video ads

See some of our latest data on how and why video can expand your brand's reach and catch potential customers' attention.

How video on Twitter can help your business

Not entirely sure what sets video apart as such a vibrant medium? Check out the five qualities that make video content effective for businesses.

What people want out of video content

It's important to know what you and your business need from your video content. But what about your audience? Read this article to remind yourself why people watch videos and what they're looking for.

Creative roundup: 4 best practices for short video on Twitter

It's tempting to go for a full-length feature film, but short videos perform best on Twitter. Look at this roundup to see how to make your short videos as impactful as possible.

Before you hire a video production team, answer these important questions

From budget to distribution strategy — if you haven't created a video campaign before — check here to see what you should consider before getting started.

Bonus content:

"The Perfect Twitter Video"

What key elements make for a standout video? We compiled our best data-backed tips and made a video using every single one of them. Take a look.

Do you already have video content that you want to promote on Twitter? Create a video views campaign today.

*Source: Internal Twitter research, Q4, 2019

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