6 trends fitness brands can share on Twitter

By Louise Downing
Trends and insights

Health and wellbeing are receiving lots of buzz as sedentary lockdown lifestyles take their toll on people's routines. Increased isolation, coupled with work, health, and financial concerns, means consumers are looking for ways to find a happier balance and new normal. Here's a look at some key trends that fitness brands need to jump on for deeper engagement and reach.

Virtual workouts

While some gyms are starting to reopen, many people are still steering clear in favor of virtual workouts. These alternatives offer consumers more choice on when and where they participate, and often without the need to sign-up for a long-term contract. Share tutorials, tips, and exercises your followers can do anytime, anywhere. Just be mindful that space and equipment will likely be limited, so try to keep them simple.

Yoga brand @triyogauk took their classes online at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The classes were so successful that they've been continued.

Fitness studio @TenHealthFit offers a discount for five weeks of access to their live-stream workouts.

Mindful workouts

Show followers you care by offering ways to support their mental wellbeing as well as their physical health. It's been a tough year for many and there's an increasing trend towards balancing aerobic fitness with rest and relaxation for the mind. Share inspirational pictures, quotes, tutorials, and valuable advice on how to de-stress and unwind.

@DavidLloydUK shares eight simple yoga moves to help people relax their weary muscles.

Online protein retailer @Myprotein shares a guided mediation session for beginners. 

Work-life balance

Working from home often means longer hours in front of a screen, particularly as COVID-19 pushes companies and employees to rapidly adapt to new ways of remote working. Help your followers keep on top of their health by sharing quick and easy ways to stay fit.

@PureGym_WIDNES shares a set of easy exercises that people can do quickly during a lunch break.

@BupaUK gets creative by sharing a routine you can do right from your desk chair.

Nutritional wellness

Spending more time at home and less time socializing means that many people are starting to cook more regularly, rather than going out. Nutrition is also a big focus, so be sure to share valuable tips and advice on how to keep healthy through the year.

@PureGym_WIDNES shares valuable recipes that even include ingredient prices, showing they understand that many of their followers are also carefully watching their finances.

Sleep, sleep, sleep

Sleep is often neglected as people spend more time at home wired up to their digital devices. The detrimental impact that this has on our health is becoming a hot wellness trend. Educate and support followers in getting their beauty sleep by sharing valuable tips on how to unplug and get a good night's sleep.

@FitbitHealth shares tools to help people better understand their sleep patterns.

Finally, don't forget that everyone had their own approach to fitness and wellness. Be sure to balance your messaging so that your Tweets are warm and friendly without being too preachy.

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