6 tips for creating standout Twitter Ads

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Few brands advertise on just one channel, or even one medium. You almost always have a marketing mix that includes Twitter, other online platforms, and offline channels like print, TV, and collateral. So once you’ve written that perfect headline, finished up a pre-roll video, or found an effective PPC ad through A/B testing, it can be tempting to repurpose what you’ve created as a Twitter Ad.

Rather than run the same ad content across different platforms, it’s often worth the time to create an ad that will work great specifically on that platform. Twitter is about brevity, moving fast, making an impact, and having a conversation. The same content you use to target keywords in a PPC campaign or as email subject lines won’t always work here.

Here are a few ideas to help you create Twitter Ads that capture attention and sales.

Keep it simple

While the character limit isn’t as stringent as it used to be, even the old 140 character limit could be too long for an effective ad. People will spend no more than a second or two looking at your ad as they scroll — the shorter you make it, the more likely you’ll be able to deliver your message and get them to stop scrolling. Write your ad the same way you would an outdoor billboard — it’s amazing how much you can say with just a few words.

Easy on the fluff

While hashtags and emojis can add fun to your copy, don’t go overboard. As with images, only use them if they make your copy stronger — if the copy works just as well without them, take them out.

Create eye-catching visuals

Twitter is a visual medium, which means you need to put as much thought and care (and budget) into your image as you do your content. Don’t just rely on stock shots or templates — use custom photography or illustrations to create eye-catching visuals people won’t find anywhere else. A good rule of thumb is that if the ad copy works just as well without the image, then you have the wrong image — the image should work with the copy to make it even more powerful.

Nail the CTA

Your copy and your image are the bait. Your CTA is the hook. This is the moment of truth where you need to tell people what you want them to do and what they can expect in return. Don’t hide it or soft sell it — use direct language that clearly explains what you want them to do and why it will benefit them.

Make it timely

Twitter is all about what’s happening in the moment. Take advantage of this by creating ads that are also a part of the moment. Use event targeting to tie your ads to major events or holidays. In addition, monitor what’s going on with the world and with your audience to discover opportunities to tie what’s going on right now into your brand.

Experiment with your feed

In addition to the standard A/B testing, you can test out messaging, specific copy, images, and offers in your organic posts. If your followers react well to a Tweet, then your prospective customers are likely to respond to it just as well when used in an ad.

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