5 wellness trends to Tweet about in 2021

By Camilla Dudley

With 2020 over, more consumers will be looking for a fresh start to the new year. Offer some rest and relaxation to your audience by focusing on self-care trends in 2021. Take a look at five ways you can utilize these trends and offer solutions for your customers’ wellness needs.

Feature brand advocates or employees

Showcase how your customers or coworkers are using your products in their wellness rituals. Or, offer more general self-care advice to show your audience you care about them on a personal level.

Online gift shop @Prezzybox celebrates World Mental Health Day by sharing their employees' opinions of working from home.

Get creative about what constitutes self-care

Self-care products don’t have to be limited to bath bombs and face masks. Get creative about how your brand can lift your customers’ spirits.

Insurance company @Zegocover offers tips to stay sane and safe when driving in stormy weather. 

Help make homes a sanctuary

With shelter-in-place regulations and working-from-home conditions, making home a comfortable place is more important than ever. Help your customers make their home a haven.

Flower company @BloomandWild offers their products as a solution to make home feel like home again after a day of sheltering in place.

Moving and storage company @UnitsStorage markets their service as a form of self-care when decluttering your home.

Start conversations about mental health and wellness

Become a safe space for your audience to talk about their wants and needs. When you start up conversations, your customers will connect with you on a deeper level and be more loyal to your brand.

British soap and perfumery company @BronnleyEngland poses a question while joining into the trending hashtag, #SelfCareSunday.

Use self-care language in your product marketing

Don’t be coy about self-care. Be direct about your marketing intentions so that your audience can feel uplifted and supported by your products.

Swimwear company @andieswim offers a deal dedicated to loving yourself and others.

Arkansas-based restaurant @minutemanburger showcases a tasty dessert in the name of #treatyoself.

Self-care is and will continue to be a popular topic through-out 2021. Share your tactics for promoting wellness among your followers by Tweeting us @TwitterBusiness.

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