5 tips for writing effective Twitter Ads copy

By Joe Wadlington
Best practices

Small tweaks to the Tweet copy in your Twitter Ads can lead to big improvements in your results. By testing out different ad copy you'll uncover what resonates with your audience. To help you create impactful ads, here are five copy tips that we've seen success from again and again. 

Emphasize urgency

Give people a reason to take immediate action. Maybe your offer is only available for a short period of time, or your supply is limited. Try using phrases like "sign up now", "for a limited time", "low stock", etc.

@PokemonGoApp uses directive copy to attract potential users to a limited-time offer.

Discount by the %

We see more people click on Tweets that express discounts as percentages instead of a dollar amount. 20% off just sounds like more than $5 off doesn't it?

@FrankandOak attracts potential customers to their winter clearance sale.

People love "free"

A lot marketing programs are focused on getting people to make a purchase. However, if you're focused on gathering leads try promoting your resources and ebooks. If what you're offering is truly free, you should celebrate that.

@HubspotAcademy promotes their free marketing resource to direct traffic to their website.

Avoid distracting hashtags

Hashtags link to all the other mentions of that phrase, and are useful if you're focused on engagement. But, if your goal is have people go to your website or follow your account, you don't want to risk someone clicking on a hashtag instead of your call-to-action.

@Asana keeps their copy short and sweet when promoting their blog content. 

Ask a question

Asking a question helps people feel like they’re part of a conversation and can compel them to click through. Take a look at  @SlackHQ's Tweet. Anyone who reads this Tweet and says "yes!" is @SlackHQ's target audience

Remember that testing is a critical key to success. A good plan is to experiment with several campaigns for each marketing initiative, so you can learn more about which copy performs best for your audience.

Start a campaign to promote your Tweets to interested people. 

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