5 takeaways from our conversation with Dropbox

By Lindsay Bruce

Susan Chang manages social media for @Dropbox  — that’s right, all of it. She oversees multiple accounts running multiple campaigns and makes the hard decisions most of us have probably all encountered: should such-and-such team get their own @handle? Who should get access to existing handles? What resources should be assigned to community management?

In this episode of Character Count, we sit down with Susan to discuss all of these things, along with the strategy and philosophy that drives Dropbox’s global social presence. 

Here are five key learnings we took away from our conversation.

Not everyone gets a @handle

“I firmly believe that you have to have social media be your day-to-day job to really own a handle––social media is a 24 hours thing, it never shuts off. So, unless you can commit to having a plan that is able to meet those needs then its really hard for me to responsibly say ‘yes you can have your own handle.’”

When a handle is created, access should be moderated

“As little people as possible should have access to a Twitter handle, but as many people that need to have access should have access to it.”

Community management

“Community management is such an amazing way to build your brand, and if you don’t assign resources to that then you're missing out on a ton of marketing opportunities.”

She later added:

“Without your community, you don’t have anything on Twitter, you’re just talking to yourself.”

Organic and Paid work together

“Paid campaigns are a really, really great way to have your content reach exactly the person you want it to reach.”

Specifically, “ads are something you have to have as part of your strategy to make any kind of impact on these platforms nowadays.”


“It is very valuable to have time in your day that you shut [social media] off…. Social media will always be there and there are always going to be things that you can read, so take advantage of the quieter moments when you can walk away from it.”

Listen to the full episode for more tips on brand voice, managing brands-within-a-brand, and (as always) the memes of the moment.

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