4 ways to tell your brand story on Twitter

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When it comes to marketing, some channels lend themselves to storytelling more than others. A Super Bowl commercial or glossy brochure is the perfect vehicle for telling rich, emotional stories, while the limitations of billboards make it difficult to communicate anything more than a simple slogan.

So how do you tell stories on Twitter, a platform originally known for its brevity? While brands still use Twitter for in-the-moment reactions or short Tweets directing followers to other content, many brands have explored different ways to use Twitter to tell more complex brand stories.

Tweet videos

The first and perhaps most effective way to tell a story is with video. There's been a 95% increase in daily video views on Twitter over 18 months1, and a 84% year-over-year increase in watch time on Twitter2. In terms of stimulating a memory response, a 15-second Twitter video ad is just as effective as a 30-second TV ad3.

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Be timely with Fleets

Fleets are a different and unique way to share content on Twitter, and they only exist for a 24-hour period after they're posted. This allows and encourages people to be more casual and conversational with Fleets, fostering authentic interactions and opening the door to behind-the-scenes and unfiltered content. You can also Tweet a Fleet or Fleet a Tweet, allowing you to continue your story across multiple mediums. 

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Go long with Tweet threads

While a single Tweet can make a powerful statement, you end up leaving a lot of storytelling techniques in your toolbox. However, with Tweet threads you can create multi-Tweet stories that let you create a story arc with a beginning, middle, and end, creating dramatic tension while allowing you to go deeper into the details. By Tweeting a thread, followers can then Retweet and comment on the specific Tweets in the thread that are most relevant, allowing you to drive multiple levels of engagement off of one story. 

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Go thoughtfully with Twitter Moments

Twitter Moments let you collect together your Tweets and Tweets from others to curate a story around any topic, conversation, or event related to your brand. For example, if you’re hosting a user conference and launched several new products, you could then round up Tweets promoting the new products along with reactions from your biggest fans. You can then promote your Moment to all your followers to raise awareness and garner engagement. 

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