4 ways businesses can use Twitter Polls

By Marissa Window

Twitter Polls are an easy way to interact with your audience, get creative, and understand people’s opinions. Follow these approaches to discover more about your audience while letting your business’s personality shine. When the poll is over, all participants receive a push notification, which helps to bring them back to your content.

Need a little inspiration on what to ask? Here are four ways to incorporate polls into your content strategy, illustrated by examples from businesses around the world.

Tap into trending topics

Everything happens on Twitter, from breaking global news to local events. Use a poll to be part of the conversation in an engaging way. Include event hashtags to widen your reach and connect with people chatting about a specific moment.

Hair salon @theDrybar joins the #Emmys conversation and ties it back to their true passion for hairstyles.

Skincare company @frank_bod joins in on the #MondayMotivation conversation by asking people what gets them through the day.

#ProTip: You can determine the duration of your poll — from a set amount of hours to 7 days. If you’re running a poll for a specific event, select the time frame that coordinates best.

Ask for feedback that helps your business strategy

Polls are a quick way to get feedback from your followers that can help you make business decisions. You can ask a variety of questions, from which product updates they’d like to see to what type of content they’d like you to Tweet.

Consulting company @bixal uses a poll to inform their content strategy. They spotlighted this Tweet by pinning it so it was the first thing people would see when they visit their account page.

@iamyoga, a yoga studio based in Toronto, uses a poll to help plan their class schedule.

Discover product preferences

Polls are a great way to find out which products are a crowd favorite. 

Coffee shop @alfredcoffee uses a poll to discover their customers cold brew preferences. 

Sock company @BOMBAS reaches the fitness community and discovers people’s product preferences by using #WorkoutWednesday.

Ask lifestyle questions that tie back to your business

The spotlight doesn’t always have to be directly on your business. Mix it up and ask lifestyle questions that will resonate with your audience.



Tracking device company @TheTrackR ties it back to their business by asking which item you're always misplacing.

Organization company @poppin keeps it lighthearted by polling on tidiness.

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