4 ways authenticity can upgrade your content marketing

By Lilach Bullock
Best practices

Content marketing should be the core of your overall inbound marketing strategy—if it isn’t already.

Here are four ways to upgrade your content marketing through authenticity: 

Original content is king

Creating original content is key to ensuring your audience remains engaged.

If there’s a popular topic buzzing in your industry, don’t repeat what's already been said. Take a unique and authentic angle on the topic that hasn’t been discussed before.  

CRM platform @getbase shared this blog post about why activity metrics can be detrimental to sales. By taking a unique angle on this popular topic, they were able to successfully engage with their target audience.

Niche content

Hone in on a niche in your industry and focus your content as much as you can. This way, readers won’t be confused when they enter your site about what it is that you offer. 

@bumble_app could easily fall into the trap of creating generic content about the dating world. However, this article about the recent Women’s Marches proves they’ve specialized their focus on women’s empowerment and equality, carving out a clear segment for their brand.

Thought-leader content

The more content you write on a particular topic, the more you establish yourself as an authentic thought-leader in that space. Becoming a thought-leader means you’ve placed yourself in the position that people come directly to your brand for everything related to your niche. This includes information, resources, opportunities, and yes, eventually sales.

Micro-influencer content amplification

Celebrities are no longer the end-all, be-all when it comes to promotion. Today’s marketing landscape has brought about the rise of micro-influencers are just as effective, if not more. This is because credible micro-influencers have built an authentic connection with their audiences.   

Keep in mind as you strategize to make sure your content is easily shareable and appealing to micro-influencers and their audiences.

Makeup brand, @glossier, used micro-influencers to amplify their content. 

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