4 ways agencies use analytics to drive Twitter strategies

Best practices

Creative and digital agencies shape brand images and customer interactions every day. But the one secret that consistently engaging agencies use to shape their own content is analytics.

Data and analytics provide the bedrock for content feedback, sharper strategies, and better audience insights. Here’s a closer look at how your agency can tap into analytics for more effective Twitter content.

Explore the content your audiences love

Explore the top performing Tweets you’ve posted and review the analytics reports on two factors: impressions and engagement rate.

Impressions show you how many people saw your Tweets. Look for commonalities in the highest performing ones — such as tagging other accounts, promising hashtags, or a promotional strategy. Engagement digs a bit deeper and lets you know what percentage of your audience clicked on links or retweeted your content. Did the Tweets with higher engagement have a common thread, such as asking a question or including a video?

Ad agency @WPP strategically tags their partners (including Adobe and Microsoft) in this Tweet, a step which increases their chances of Retweets and wider exposure. 

Use Twitter analytics to dig into audience interests and consumer behaviors

Another way to target your content is by interests. Using the audience insights tab, you can view your followers by their interests. These details let you know more about your audience based on the topics they’re interested in learning more about.

For example, your analytics dashboard might reveal an audience that’s at the intersection of being interested in tech news and shopping premium brands. That detail provides an actionable data point for determining what information to share on your Twitter feed. What insights can you glean by digging into your audience insights and finding where those different points meet?

Leverage events to identify timely topics

The events section of your analytics dashboard helps you find timely hooks and conversations to connect to. You can explore trends, the latest holidays, buzz around movies, and recurring hashtags — as well as quickly assess the potential audience size. 

Experiment with video content

Videos are among the most effective and most watched content online. But how do they work for your agency? Whether you’re sharing customer work or fun videos your team created, analytics can help you hone in on whether they’re working. Video analytics can help you quickly evaluate:

  • What percentage of viewers watched the entire video
  • Which trends are emerging around videos with your followers
  • How many minutes on average your audience spent watching videos

SEO and marketing agency @97thFloor shared a video with their audience that takes a deep dive into winning business practices. 

Are you ready to give your Twitter presence a boost? Check out your analytics today, and then expand your reach with an ad campaign today!

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