4 things to Tweet about this Halloween

Marissa Window

By Marissa Window

October 13, 2016

Bring out the candy corn, Halloween is just around the corner. People on Twitter love all things spooky and pumpkin — so much that last year alone, there were more than 21 million Tweets related to #Halloween.*

Holidays are a great time to join the excitement and increase Tweet engagements. But for some small and medium-sized businesses, it can seem like a daunting opportunity. How do you join these conversations in a way that feels authentic?

Today we’re sharing four things to Tweet about this Halloween, illustrated with examples from businesses around the world. By following and experimenting with these approaches, you won’t just be inserting yourself into the conversation for the sake of it; you’ll share your brand, add value, and express your personality in a genuine way.

Share tips and tricks

People are looking helpful content that will help them get ready for the holiday. Highlight your expertise by Tweeting Halloween inspired tips and tricks. For example, interior design company @NousDecor shares their design wisdom by Tweeting a festive DIY project.

Connect the moment to your product

You don’t have to sell candy, costumes, or pumpkins to connect with people; all sorts of businesses can make the most of #Halloween. Get creative and think of different ways your product can relate to the holiday.

Coffee company @ChameleonCoffee connected their product to the season by highlighting the scary idea of a morning without coffee.

Tweet video content

Nothing catches attention on Twitter like video. If you don’t have content on hand, create a video or Vine quickly on your phone and share it in a Tweet.

@BoxedWholesale used a phone to film a quick funny video of last minute costume ideas.

@littlebits created a Vine to get the message out about their Halloween hack contest.

Use hashtags to join ongoing conversations or highlight campaigns

Add seasonal hashtags such as #Halloween, #TrickorTreat, or #DIYCostume on relevant content to connect your Tweet to the broader conversation. By adding the hashtag, it increases the chance someone interested in the event will engage with your Tweet and discover your business.

You can also create a unique hashtag if you’re running a contest, generating buzz around a sale, or introducing a seasonal product. For example, @StoneBrewingCO created #FrighteninglyFresh to promote their seasonal brew.

Ready to get started? Create your own campaign, or take a look at our Twitter Ads basics to learn a little more.

*Source: Twitter internal data

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