4 things to consider when building your brand’s Twitter strategy

By Camilla Dudley
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Because of the importance of a brand's presence on social media, every Tweet you write can do a lot for your brand’s persona. Tweets show your customers you’re more than just your products. Show them you’re funny. Smart. Friendly. Clever. Sassy.

Whichever face you want your brand to put forward, make sure it’s purposeful. Here are a few things to consider when building your brand’s Twitter strategy.

Choose the right profile picture

Your profile picture is often the first thing consumers will notice about your brand. Your profile pictures will appear in two locations —on your profile page and on individual Tweets. Make sure the image will be easy to view on both large laptop screen and small mobile devices. Try using your brand’s logo rather than your brand’s name for a clean, simple look.

Stay current

Whether you Tweet about the upcoming holiday or your local sports team’s recent win, show your followers that you’re aware of the world outside your own brand. Stay in-the-know about trending memes or recent news, and provide your brand’s unique perspective. Looking for relevant events to Tweet about? Download our 2018 Twitter marketing calendar. 

Proofread your Tweets

When drafting Tweets, always take a step back and proofread for typos and spelling. Part of building a reputation is building trust and rapport with consumers.

Be positive

Regardless if your brand is funny, smart, cool, or even sassy, it’s important to be positive. Encourage participation, thank customers for following you, and share the difference your brand can make in their lives.

The truth is, when you show off your brand’s persona, you show that your brand is personal. It’s the first step to creating meaningful relationships with customers that increase brand awareness and build brand loyalty.

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