4 creative best practices for mobile app campaigns on Twitter

By Erin Fishman
Best practices

Creativity is the fuel that drives successful mobile app campaigns on Twitter for one simple reason — compelling ad creative inspires action.

Want to promote your mobile app? Take a look at these four creative best practices before launching your next mobile app campaign to build an informed creative strategy.

Refresh creative frequently

Simply put —  people visit Twitter to learn something new, so if your campaign is recycling old creative, you may find a decrease in engagement over time. It’s important to rotate your copy and visuals every 1-2 weeks during your campaign to maintain a high-quality score in auctions. No need to reinvent the wheel — try tweaking a few key words and images to gain insights about the type of creative your audience find the most compelling.

Small experiments can lead to big insights. Here are some ideas to get started:

  • Test different imagery
  • Test seasonal vs. evergreen campaigns. 
  • Test featuring app store buttons in your creative
  • Test different types of copy

Think in the now

Try entering timely conversations to instantly make your content feel relevant and fresh. App campaigns that convey a sense of urgency, such as seasonal or one-time promotions, tend to have a lower cost-per-install. Jump in on these conversations by tweaking your creative around seasonal events.

@PlayHearthstone offers a seasonal discount to encourage app installs. 

Show the value of your app

You might know your app is great, but how are you conveying this to people on Twitter? Your creative should be as educational as it is visually appealing. Show real in-app experiences that clearly illustrate what makes your app special with screenshots and a directive copy of what someone can expect once they download.

@nytimes features a visual of their app and clearly notes what readers should expect when they download.

Simplify — keep your ad copy short

Brevity is in Twitter’s DNA. We might have increased our character limit from 140 to 280, but that doesn’t mean that simple ad copy is a thing of the past. Focus on keeping your copy short and to the point, while avoiding excess capitalization and unnecessary exclamation points.

@Postmates keeps their copy short and sweet and immediately identifies the benefit of installing their app. 

Try out these tips by creating Twitter Ads of your own. Create an app installs or app re-engagements campaign today.

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