3 ways to incorporate video into your everyday content

By Liz Alton

Video is a central piece of what's happening on Twitter. Read on to learn how incorporate video into your everyday content or check out our latest research on Twitter Video.

As people go about their day—from scanning the news over breakfast to unwinding during their evening commute—they’re using Twitter. 

People are seeking different types of content throughout the day. Learn how these changing states of mind influence what people are scrolling for in their Twitter feed, and how you can use video to connect with people effectively, depending on what they’re looking for.

6am – noon: Staying informed

The world moves fast. Whether it’s major news events or the latest celebrity gossip, people often browse Twitter while they’re eating breakfast or commuting to work. They want to set the tone for the day ahead by catching up on the news and updates that they missed overnight.

Research has revealed that Twitter is the top platform for breaking news. Use video to engage people early in their day, when they’re hungry for fresh information and want to quickly consume content while doing other things.

@ABC News uses a short video to announce the winner of the Miss USA competition. Viewers get to see the moment the winners are announced: 

12pm – 6pm: Seeking distractions and quick wins

People’s days are intense, and a few moments on Twitter offers the chance to find an entertaining distraction. They may also be looking for a quick win, such as learning a new skill or answering a key question. Build on this possibility by offering content that’s funny, engaging, or provides a short how-to users can watch during an afternoon break.

@Tasty lets their audience browse for dinner ideas and feel the accomplishment of learning to make a new dish by seeing a recipe from beginning to end.

6pm - 12am: Unwinding and engaging in personal interests

After a long day of work and other obligations, people are looking to unwind and learn about their interests. For some, that means finding something humorous, or engaging content that doesn’t require too much thinking.

@Adobe connects with its audience of designers and marketers by using video and animated GIFs. This video content is visually engaging and encourages people to think about what’s possible. 

In a busy feed, video stands out and can help you connect with your audience. From quirky, entertaining content to how-tos and news announcements, video should be part of your daily content strategy.

Want to learn more about video on Twitter? Check out our latest research.

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