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Why use X for business?

An introduction to X for business

Why use X for business?

An introduction to X for business

Start advertising on X

Start advertising on X


X drives lifts through the funnel

% Lifts represent control vs. exposed*
Ad recall
Brand awareness
Message association

X's impact on culture

Businesses come to X to be what's happening. 

When you bring your business on X, you connect with our powerful audience where you can make an impact and drive results. 

In fact, brand involvement in culture is especially important among consumers between the ages of 18 and 35. People on X vs. the general population are more passionate, informed, and feel more strongly about brands aligning with culture.*

Your audience is already on X and they can’t wait to connect with you.

What are the benefits of X for business?

Stay in the know

X connects you and your business with what's happening in the world every day. Learn the latest, real-time trends and invest in social listening. It's also a great way to get a read on your brand's public reputation.

Free business promotion

Build your brand awareness and grow your business by building a strong organic following. No money required.

Reach new audiences

By expanding your message on X, you can connect and engage with new fans, network with partners, and identify influencers.

Start a conversation, or a movement

Conversations thrive on X. Hear from your followers and get informal feedback by running polls and Tweeting questions. Bring awareness to a movement or point of view.

Experiment with tone

X is known for being bold, and that's not just limited to our audience. Play with your brand voice and messaging to see if they can be more human and conversational.

What are the benefits of X for business?

How can X help you manage your business?

Build your following. Connect with your current customers, future fans, and loyal brand advocates on Twitter. Learn more about the power of a strong X following.

Bring your launches to X. Whether you're launching a new product or a new sale, X is the place to be to break your latest news. Learn more about how X can elevate your launches.

Provide timely customer service. Keep an eye out for @mentions of your brand, create a dedicated customer service account, and provide fast service or personalized help through DMs.

Monitor your competition. Create X Lists to keep tabs on specific accounts, industries, and communities.

Leverage the power of ads. X is free, but you can double down on your efforts and impact with X Ads. Amplify your following, drive traffic to your website, increase app downloads, and more. 

X gives people a platform to discuss trending topics that they feel strongly about, which creates a very engaged audience for us to reach — whether organically or with paid ads.

Jenny Broekemeier, Paid Social Manager at MANSCAPED, Inc.

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Start advertising on X

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Global (AU, BR, CA, FR, DE, IND, IT, JP, MX, SA, ES, UK, US) X Internal Aggregated Brand Survey Results, Recall N = 1215, Brand Awareness N = 457, Favorability N = 443, Preference N = 68, Message Association N = 482 Q1 2020 - Q4 2021; Percentages refer to % uplifts (not deltas or percentage point difference).