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Creating your profile

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll have the option to convert your account to a Professional Account. This will allow you to create a Professional Profile.

To convert your account, select “X for Professionals” from the left-side menu (swipe right to see it on mobile).


Here's what you'll need:

A profile image
Choose an image that is recognizable to your brand (logos work great!)

A header image 
Think of this as your billboard or window display. Use it to share what's new or timely.

A bio
Use 160 characters to share what you do, the value you provide, and why someone should follow you. 

Screenshot of a Twitter professional profile on a mobile device

How to grow your following

An icon of speech bubbles
Follow and engage

Help new audiences discover your business by engaging with other accounts.

An icon of the “at” symbol
Share your @handle

Help your existing audience find you by sharing your @handle on your website, business cards, email signatures, etc.

An icon of a pen and paper
Post consistently  

Give people a reason to follow you by sharing frequently.



Your first Post

Writing a Post is like writing a text message. Aim to keep things real, conversational, and concise.

Use the icons at the bottom of a Post to easily add media — like an image, video, GIF, or poll.

Additional tips:

  • If using hashtags, limit to 1-2 per Post
  • Avoid writing copy in all-caps
  • Consider using emojis at the end of text to add emotion
  • Include a clear call-to-action where applicable (e.g. "Visit our site")
GIF showing how to add images, GIFs and polls to Tweets

Examples of Posts with media

Above Posts were created for demonstration only.




Engaging with other Posts helps build relationships and increase the discoverability of your account.

Ways to engage

A heart-shaped icon

"Like" to acknowledge or show support for a Post.

An icon of two arrows that represents a Retweet on Twitter
Repost or quote Post

Repost to share a Post you think your audience might find interesting. Select "Quote Post" to add a comment to your Repost.

A speech bubble icon

Reply to chime in on a conversation or have  one-to-one conversations with customers.

An icon of the "at" symbol

Include someone's @handle in your Post to loop them into a conversation.

An icon of an envelope
Direct message

Privately contact an account by sending a Direct Message (DM). This can be especially useful for providing customer support.

Brand safety

Conversation settings

Choose who can Reply to your Posts: everyone, your followers, or only people you specifically @mention.

Hidden replies

Hide replies to any of your Posts that you deem abusive or irrelevant.

Where to find Posts to engage with

A GIF showing how to access the left-hand mobile menu on Twitter

Use your menu to access your profile and helpful tools like Lists, Topics, and Bookmarks.

Home tab
An image of Twitter's Home tab on a mobile device

This is your home timeline. Here, you will see Posts from accounts and Topics you follow, as well as Posts and ads likely to be relevant to you.

Explore tab
An image of Twitter's Explore tab on a mobile device

The Explore tab highlights the conversations happening at the moment. Under "Trending", you'll see the top trends and hashtags.



Measure, learn, repeat!

When you Post, you can see results in real time. This allows you to see what's working so you can optimize future Posts. 

GIF of how to find Tweet metrics
Key metrics at the Post level
  • Impressions: how many people saw your Post?
  • Total engagements: how many people took an action after seeing your Post?
  • Video views: how many people watched your video?
  • Link clicks: if you included a link in your Post, how many people clicked on it?

Key metrics at the account level
  • Impressions, engagements, and link clicks over time: what trends are you seeing? Are there days or weeks that were particularly high or low? If so, why might that be?
  • Engagement rate: what is the overall engagement rate of your account?
Tip: if a Post is performing well, you can accelerate its organic momentum by promoting that individual Post with Quick Promote.
Utilize analytics to learn what tone, content — even publishing times — work best for your business.
A GIF showing how to access Quick Promote from a Tweet

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