Put your brand in the Spotlight

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What is Spotlight?

Promoted Trend Spotlight is the newest ad takeover product on Twitter that puts your brand at the center of conversation. This takeover ad placement pairs the undeniable power of video with the premium real estate of Twitter’s Explore tab. 

The Explore tab is Twitter’s collection of trending topics and hashtags. It's where people go to see what’s happening, and is a prime location for advertisers to connect with people and conversations.


When we wanted to launch our first brand campaign in years, we turned to Twitter’s Promoted Trends and Promoted Trend Spotlight. With Spotlight, we were able to pair our creative video asset with a high-impact placement that helped us drive awareness, generate tens of thousands of mentions, and inspire new conversations around our brand and the campaign.

Ambreena Budaly (‎@iambreena), Global Director, Social Media at LEGO Group

When to use Spotlight

Do you have something new to share with your audience? Are you looking for ways to connect your brand with conversations happening on Twitter? 

Promoted Trends Spotlight is a takeover on Twitter for 24 hours that puts your ad and hashtag in the list of trending topics. 

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