Put your brand at the center of conversation with Promoted Trend Spotlight

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What is Promoted Trend Spotlight?

This takeover ad placement pairs the undeniable stopping power of video with the premium real estate of Twitter’s Explore tab. 

The Explore tab, Twitter’s collection of trending topics and hashtags, is where people go to see what’s happening, making it a prime location for advertisers to connect with people and conversation.


When we wanted to launch our first brand campaign in years, we turned to Twitter’s Promoted Trends and Promoted Trend Spotlight. With Spotlight, we were able to pair our creative video asset with a high-impact placement that helped us drive awareness, generate tens of thousands of mentions, and inspire new conversations around our brand and the campaign.

Ambreena Budaly (‎@iambreena), Global Director, Social Media at LEGO Group

How Promoted Trend Spotlight works

  • As a complement to Twitter’s Promoted Trend takeover product, Promoted Trend Spotlight supports 6-second videos and GIFs, as well as static images. Creative displays on mobile and desktop, with the ad running edge-to-edge on mobile.

  • Your ad will appear at the top of the Explore tab for the first two visits per person, per day.

  • After the initial two visits, the placement moves to the standard Promoted Trend placement and organic editorial content resurfaces in the Spotlight placement.

When to use Promoted Trend Spotlight

Have a big launch coming up? Want to connect with what’s happening? Promoted Trend Spotlight is the takeover product to put your message in.

In an eye-tracking study conducted by EyeSee, a global behavioral research company, people spent 26% more time looking at the Promoted Trend Spotlight as compared to the standard Promoted Trend unit. These longer dwell times generated impact throughout the funnel: from +113% higher ad recall and +18% higher brand consideration to +67% lift in stated likelihood to use a brand in the future. In addition, according to internal Twitter data, people were three times more likely to click through an ad in the Spotlight unit than the standard Promoted Trend.

Key features:
  1. Captures attention: With immersive, full-width creative, Promoted Trend Spotlight captures attention and reinforces your message.

  2. Differentiates your brand: Sitting atop the Explore tab, Promoted Trend Spotlight differentiates your brand from other placements on Twitter by appearing next to highly curated editorial content.

  3. Surfaces conversation: Tying together the prominent placement and expansive coverage atop Twitter’s Explore tab, brands have the opportunity to generate conversation and invite discussion.

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