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SuperAudiences are precisely targeted, highly relevant audiences created with a deep analysis of Twitter data.

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Enriched Twitter Audiences
Account Based Marketing

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Socialdatabase has developed technologies that enrich public Twitter data. Their principle ‘you are who you follow’ gives a deeper understanding of the behavior and connections of people on Twitter. 

Custom targeting technology, SuperAudiences, curates highly relevant audiences based on publicly available Twitter data, helping advertisers create engaging campaigns. These custom-built user-groups are designed to match campaign goals, increase receptivity and media effectiveness. 

Looking for CEOs that play golf, health care professionals looking for a new car, or hard-core baseball fans that enjoy drinking alcohol-free beer? SuperAudiences can reach them.

Similarly for B2B advertisers, Socialdatabase’s SuperABM technology supports account based marketing strategies on Twitter. Advertisers can reach the business decision makers of up to 1,000 companies and their influential communities simultaneously.


A deeper analysis of Twitter data to selectively target relevant audiences at scale.


Analyzes behavior, personal interests, job titles, and more to reach the business decision makers of up to 1,000 companies simultaneously.

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