Marketing Partner - SmartCommerce


SmartCommerce helps Twitter advertisers convert consumers, from interest to purchase, with a single click.

Helps with

Shoppable landing page creation
Direct-to-cart link creation

Service Model

SaaS, Project Based


EMEA, North America, LATAM 

SmartCommerce is built for the unique needs of CPG brands and their consumers. 

Click2Cart technology turns Twitter Ads into eCommerce performance media. With a single click, one or many products are added to the retailer’s cart, eliminating the typical friction of online purchases. 

SmartCommerce also manages the complexities of multi-retailer stock variability: out of stock conditions, third party sellers, changing prices, etc. Its continually-updated product engine provides consumers with options that maximize the brand’s eCommerce potential.

Click2Cart® Direct

Accelerate eCommerce with single-click carting from a Tweet or ad. Click2Cart links allow consumers to cart product(s) with one click. 

Click2Cart® – Shopper’s Choice

Offer consumers a choice with Shopper’s Choice links. Provide consumers with retailer and product choices to add-to-cart directly from your Tweet or ad.


Present consumers with shoppable mini-shelves of the products your brand controls.


Comprehensive reporting 

Gain access to AI-driven consumer data and performance insights across touchpoints.  


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