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Singular provides marketers with a complete view of marketing performance and ROI by combining next-gen attribution with industry-leady cost aggregation. With thousands of integrations, easy set-up, accurate and flexible analytics, plus automatic loading directly into your BI tools. Singular is a solution to drive faster growth for your apps.

Mobile & Cross-device Attribution

Measure your entire user journey to report on acquisition and re-engagement across platforms with mobile attribution, deep links, and cross-device attribution.

Performance & ROI Analytics

Analyze ROI and performance for every campaign, publisher, creative, and keyword by combining next-gen attribution with leading cost aggregation.

Creative Analytics

Gain insights into the impact of ad assets across all your channels by visualizing the asset and its performance in a side-by-side view.

Marketing ETL

Load analysis-ready attribution, ad spend, creatives, bids, and ad monetization data directly to Redshift, Snowflake, BigQuery, and more.

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