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PMG’s Alli marketing intelligence platform is built to enable privacy compliance, predictability, and full-funnel marketing performance. Since 2010, PMG has invested in building technology to help give advertisers a democratized, transparent and reliable view of their data, providing business insights that allow them to move faster, create deeper connections and optimize at scale.

Alli unlocks trends and insights for PMG clients to harness their data and activate marketing campaigns at scale. Leveraged by every one of PMG’s clients, which include Best Western Hotels & Resorts, Gap Inc., Hyperice, Kohler, Sephora, Shake Shack, and TikTok, brands also get exclusive advantages from platform and API integration with over 40 partners.

Twitter Audience Shifts

Alli allows easy visualization and exploration of demographic data for handles, broken down by month, providing historical context for audience shifts, patterns and trends. This breakdown influences targeting strategies for existing and future customers.

Server-to-server Measurement Solution

Brands that do not use tracking pixels can use the Twitter Conversion API to measure conversion events without the need for a Twitter pixel on the website. It allows brands to more accurately measure conversions, improving visibility into ad performance, resulting in improved targeting, optimization and overall campaign effectiveness.  Brands that use tracking pixels should also see improvement when they add the Twitter Conversion API to their pixel tracking.

Twitter Trends

Actively monitor the Twitter landscape to see if keywords of interest are trending in the countries the advertiser specifies. Trend analysis helps brands stay up-to-date on real time shifts in conversation and make informed social targeting decisions.

Data Explorer

Data is complex and marketers often require SQL knowledge to derive actionable insights. Alli provides an easy-to-use interface to quickly analyze large sets of data to identify opportunities to help outpace the competition, no SQL needed.




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