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By providing a simplified UI/UX for campaign creation and detailed reporting of campaign performance, Paragone simplifies Twitter advertising

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Paragone's Operating system for performance marketers, combines cross-channel advertising activities into one, unified platform to attract, engage, and convert buyers. From aggregated reporting to bulk campaign creation, Paragone has the tools to simplify campaign management. 

Cross-Channel Performance & Creative Analysis

Aggregate data from multiple networks into a single view, whether it’s performance, conversion, or engagement metrics. Understand what images, videos, and messaging work across advertiser’s channels, with real-time tracking, predictive analytics, and actionable recommendations.

Bulk Audience & Ad Creation

Create campaigns with dozens of audience and creative combinations in just a few clicks, to scale tailored messaging.

Campaign Automation

Reduce mundane advertising tasks such as naming, ad tracking, budget edits, and status changes with Paragone’s collection of automation tools.

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