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Funnel provides an essential foundation for digital marketing performance, automating the generation of Business-Ready Data so marketers can put all data to work for the business, and always know with certainty what’s truly driving growth.

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Funnel takes all the data an advertiser needs, and puts it where they want it. But it’s what happens in between that’s the game-changer. Funnel curates and harmonizes data in real-time to present it to marketers in a way that creates real insight. With no coding needed, Funnel lets marketers get straight into action, unleashing the true power of online marketing. Freed from laborious tasks, technical teams and analysts can focus on activities that create value.

It’s so much more than a pipeline, it’s a platform for data they can trust. It’s a clearer, smarter understanding of data and its potential.

Funnel gives marketers fresh data that makes sense: Business-Ready Data. When an advertiser knows what’s driving value, they can make quick, confident decisions that improve their business.

Optimized for detailed analysis

The Twitter connector in Funnel allows advertisers import and analyze data from a campaign level view all the way down to Tweet level. The Creative metadata that follows allows advertisers to break down and compare performance on owned Tweets’ different attributes - all without coding.

Dive into historical data right away

Funnel pulls up to 2 years worth of historical Twitter ads performance data for advertisers by default, and starts working within minutes of connecting Twitter ad accounts to Funnel. Additional years of backfill can be requested.

Analyze performance on different segments

To be able to view performance by platform, location and audience has proven to be important for marketers. Funnel continually optimizes and enhances the Twitter connector tool based on the feedback from customers to support specific needs and use cases.