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Esome is a social advertising specialist providing a unique combination of media planning expertise and ad tech know-how. Its team of more than 100 experts helps brands from various industries plan, deliver, and optimize social advertising campaigns. Esome leverages Twitter as the platform for second-screen campaigns and live marketing. Esome can access the Twitter ad inventory and real-time communication on popular topics to help advertisers jump on trends and deliver various advertising formats suitable for your campaigns across the marketing funnel.

Reach maximizer

Often users on different channels are served the same ad multiple times, since the channels are planned and tracked separately from each other. Esome’s reach maximizer guarantees a minimum amount of targeted unique users, increasing your net reach across social networks and display environments.

Frequency targeting

Advertisers can use the company’s frequency targeting across all social networks and in the display environment to specifically reach relevant users that they have not yet reached via other channels.

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