Manage campaigns from your mobile device

Twitter is a mobile first company. With over 80% of users accessing Twitter from their mobile device*, we are focused on giving you the flexibility to easily manage your account.

The Twitter Ads companion allows you to quickly view and manage your Twitter Ads campaigns from a mobile device, whether you’re on the go, on the couch or in a meeting.

Accessing the Ads companion is easy. Make sure you are on the latest version of the Twitter for iPhone or Android app. (You can check by going to the “Settings” section in your phone and verifying that there are no Twitter app updates available.)


  1. Open the Twitter app and navigate to your profile page.

  2. On iPhone 6 click on the chart icon and select Twitter Ads.
    Note: If you are on an iPhone 4 or 5 this feature can be accessed by clicking the gear icon.

  3. Select the advertising account you want to manage.


  1. Navigate to your profile page and click on the chart icon.

  2. If you have more than one Twitter Ads account, you will be prompted to select the specific account you would like to access.

    Once you select the account you want to view, you’ll be directed to an overview summary of performance across all campaigns.

  3. To take it a step further, click on the "Campaigns" tab to view individual campaign metrics such as spend, impressions, and engagements.

    As you see your results in real time, you’ll have the ability to make changes and optimize the performance of your campaigns. Select individual campaigns so that you can:

    • change campaign start and end dates
    • pause or resume a campaign
    • edit your ad budget and bids

    Take Twitter Ads with you when you’re on the move and start using the Ads companion today!

    Have additional question on how the Twitter Ads companion works? Check out our support page for helpful tips.

*Twitter, internal data

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