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Videos optimized for Twitter drive an increase of 33% in emotional engagement*.

Videos feature regularly on our feed as we find these are a great way to tell a story. We then turn these videos into [Twitter Ads] campaigns to increase our reach and grow our following.

Tim Gaudion, Director at Karl Taylor Education
Drive your viewership

People come to Twitter with a discovery mindset, and relevant, fresh videos are the perfect way to catch their eye. Tweets with video attract 10X more engagement and are more likely to be Retweeted than Tweets without, according to internal Twitter studies.  

How it works

Set up a video views campaign when your primary focus is driving more views and creating content with a far-reaching and lasting impact.

The recommended creative formats for this objective are Promoted Video and Video Website Cards. Get the step-by-step guide to start building this campaign.

Best practices

Video on Twitter is a perfect way to leave a lasting impression on your current and prospective followers. To maximize your ROI, make sure your videos are mobile-friendly, have a sound-off strategy (closed captions or subtitles), and include prominent branding.

Aim for the sweet spot of video length on Twitter: between 6-15 seconds long, for the best results. Keep your accompanying Tweet copy short and free of exit points (such as hashtags and @mentions) so the focus stays on the video. 

Follow our video specs, capitalize on our targeting options, and monitor your analytics as your campaign runs. 

What you pay for

You only pay for the video views you acquire from your campaign. You can choose your bid unit: per video view (defined as 2s at 50% in view), per 3s/100% video view, or per 6s video view. Impressions that don't result in a view are free. 

You can also choose between maximum and automatic bid, and can set a total budget and daily budget for your campaign so you have complete control over its spend.

The cost you pay per engagement depends on your set budget and bid, as well as your targeting. You'll receive real-time bid guidance during the setup process.

* Increase in 33% is versus non-optimized TVCs. Source: GroupM + Twitter, EyeSee, TVCs vs Optimized Ads on Twitter, December 2018. 

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