How to use Quick Promote

Get started with Quick Promote 

  1. Choose a Tweet to promote

    Click on the activity icon for any Tweet in your timeline, on your mobile phone or from your computer. Or, select a Tweet in your Tweet activity dashboard or one of your top-performing Tweets in account home.

  2. Click on “Promote this Tweet"

  3. Select the location you’d like to target

    Available options include country, state/province/region or metro area. Please note that Quick Promote will restrict your geo-targeting options to nearby locations.

  4. Select your budget

    We’ll provide an estimate of the results you’re likely to see at each level. If this is your first time advertising on Twitter, you’ll be asked to enter your payment information.

  5. Confirm your spend

    Watch your Tweet reach a wider audience in real time. We’ll show you the metrics right there, but you can also always see the data for any Tweet you promote by visiting

    View more in-depth analytics in your Tweet Activity Dashboard and campaign dashboard

When to use Quick Promote

Think of Quick Promote as a tool to get your best Twitter content in front of a wider audience, fast. Here are some scenarios where the ability to quickly promote a Tweet could help grow your business, your influence, or your audience.

Please note that Quick Promote is not the full-feature Twitter Ads platform available at, and that from the backend, all Quick Promote campaigns are set up as awareness campaigns.

  1. Your engagement rates are high

    If your followers are enjoying and interacting with your Tweets, it’s likely there’s a broader audience who’d also be interested in what you have to say.

  2. It’s outside of your typical work hours

    Twitter users don’t take time off — so check in with your Tweet activity from your mobile phone. If one of your Tweets is performing well, use Quick Promote to keep the momentum going.

  3. You’re taking photos on the go

    With today’s smartphones, we’re all carrying around high-quality cameras. Channel your inner photojournalist and attach the pics to your Tweets — then it’s just a couple more clicks to quickly promote your point of view.

  4. You’re at an event

    Live-Tweeting an event or experience lets you influence and connect with communities that share your interests. Quickly promoting your event Tweets can help you grow your reach and find more like-minded followers.

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