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A Website Card is a powerful ad format that allows users to preview an image, related context, and a clear call to action in their timeline.

Include conversion tracking in your campaign to measure actions that happen off Twitter, such as a sign-up or purchase.

Use a Website Card to:

  • Grow your site traffic
  • Increase online purchases
  • Drive specific actions

Start bringing customers to your website

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Building and optimizing your campaign

Get help

The @TwitterAdsHelp team is responsive Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm PST.

Target your audience

Whether you want to reach a niche group or connect with people around the world, our varied targeting options can help you get interested audiences to your site.

Manage your budget

Website Cards are priced on a cost-per-click(CPC) basis, meaning you only pay when someone clicks through to your site.

Monitor campaigns

Your campaigns dashboard has the results you need to optimize your Website Cards. Easily track your campaign impressions, results, and cost-per-clicks.

Learn how businesses used Twitter Ads to bring traffic to their websites

Sirius Decisions

Saw 16 times return on investment (ROI) by using Website Cards to sell tickets to their annual B2B conference.


Received 350% ROI by using Website Cards to recruit new sponsors for this non-profit organization.


Achieved a 20% increase in site visits during their Website Card campaign.

"We like the simplicity of the Website Card format, which makes it high-impact, and that our cost-per-click was at least half that of other social channels."

— Bruno Lassato, CEO, Wistiki

Start bringing traffic to your website