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On Twitter, we can reach our target audience more easily and accurately. We are having a constant dialogue with exhibitors, fans and partners. Such close and strong interactions are not possible on any other social networking site.

Timo Janizki, Social Media Manager, Deutsche Messe AG
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Twitter’s audience is receptive, influenced, and engaged. Become the forefront of their attention to raise brand awareness, start a conversation, and build meaningful relationships. Increased engagement also leads to brand lift and offline sales.

How it works

Set up an engagements campaign to increase your audience activity and get more Retweets, likes, and replies. This campaign promotes your Tweets to a large, targeted group of people. Get the step-by-step guide to start building this campaign.

Best practices

People respond best to compelling Tweets. Brainstorm and incorporate creative ways to develop interesting Tweet content and engage your audience. Experiment with hashtags, show-stopping visuals and creative, short video (15 seconds or less), polls, and more. Get more optimization tips for best results. 

Capitalize on our targeting options to reach the audience that your content is best suited for, and monitor your Tweet activity dashboard to learn what your audience responds best to.

What you pay for

You only pay for the engagements you acquire from your campaign. The cost-per-engagement model applies to initial engagements (such as replies, likes, Quote Tweets, and Retweets) on your Promoted Tweets. You’re not charged for any organic engagements that follow, nor engagement on non-Promoted Tweets.

The cost you pay per engagement depends on your set budget and bid, as well as your targeting. You'll receive real-time bid guidance during the setup process.

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