Create campaign tips

Below are some pointers on what’s important in the “Create campaign” form.

1. Set up your campaign.

It does not matter what you name your campaign, you can always change it later. But be sure to run the campaign for at least one week. People on Twitter behave differently on each day of the week. Running your campaign for seven days will give you a full understanding of how your campaign performs with weekday crowds/morning folks/weekend Tweeters, etc.

2. Select your audience.

Choose the geographic areas you want to target. Then add followers targeting or interest targeting under “audience features”. These are our most popular targeting features. Focus on just one per campaign for now, so you can see which type of targeting works best for your message.

3. Set your budget.

We recommend starting with a budget of at least $30/day (or the equivalent in your account currency). Setting your budget to anything less than that runs the risk of having your budget maxed out before the day ends. People on Twitter behave differently throughout the day, so you don’t want to miss the early morning or after hours crowds that could really respond to your ads.

Start with automatic bid pricing. This can be changed later once you know which targeting works best for your campaign.

4. Choose your creatives.

Select or create 3-4 Tweets to promote in a campaign. Have strong call-to-action words (like “sign up”, “Start today”, or “Join us”. Avoid #hashtags or @mentions in your copy so your audience does not click away from your ad.

5. Launch!

We’re rooting for you. Follow @TwitterBusiness for more Twitter Ads tips and best practices.

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