How can a busy entrepreneur connect with more people interested in his growing business?

Drew Ressler (@Rukes), a top DJ photographer, is based in Los Angeles. He travels the world, photographing electronic dance music (EDM) DJs.


  • Increase followers while targeting an audience interested in music and niche photography.


  • 1,300 new followers.

Keys to success:

  • Showcase a variety of relevant content.
  • Connect your followers to other influencers in your industry.


@Rukes wanted to find more people who would be interested in his business and photographs. But with a busy travel schedule and as the sole owner and only employee of his business, @Rukes didn’t have much time to spend on advertising or figuring out how to target the right audience. He needed to find a cost-effective solution that he wouldn’t have to manage on a daily or weekly basis.


@Rukes turned to Promoted Accounts to find followers on Twitter who would want to hear about and see his niche photography. @Rukes set a maximum daily budget and targeted Twitter users all over the world. Promoted Accounts did the rest by automatically identifying other Twitter users who were similar to his current follower base, including those interested in the EDM scene.

Each day, Twitter displayed @Rukes’ profile to those users in the “Who to follow” recommendation module. And he only paid for each new follower he gained. @Rukes engaged with these new followers by Tweeting photographs, updates of his tour and answers to questions from fans.

Since Promoted Accounts automatically found the right followers, @Rukes increased his follower base with very little effort. He gained 20 new followers a day during the campaign, at a cost of only $0.30 per follower. The new followers also fell right into his target audience—most were fans of the EDM scene and some were even DJs themselves.


 Keys to success

  1. Showcase a variety of relevant content. 

    @Rukes not only shared his professional photographs but also images of life on the road.

  2. Connect your followers to other influencers in your industry.

    Twitter is a community and followers want to learn about you as well as about other leaders in your industry. @Rukes brought his followers closer to music industry insiders by tweeting candid moments of fun with other top DJs and musicians.